Benjamin F. Dillingham and Bridget Wilson LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor

The Benjamin F. Dillingham, III and Bridget Wilson LGBT Veterans Wall of Honor recognizes lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender veterans with ties to San Diego who have taken the oath to serve our country and have done so honorably, and with distinction, acting as role models in advancing equality. The Veterans Wall commemorates these veterans’ lives in hopes that their courage, bravery and sacrifices will continue to inspire future generations.

Listed below are the inductees since the Wall’s inception.  The full listing of biographies can be found here.

Applications are now live for nominees of the 2020 induction ceremony.

Deadline Extension: Applications are due Friday, August 7, 2020.

Click here to apply. 

Eugene Burkard, USAF
Lee Lozano-Osier, USN
Jackson Redmond, USA
Gary Wayne Rees, USN (deceased)
Wallace Bruce Shank, Jr., USAF
Ruby Sola, USN
Frank Stiriti, USN

Eva Belanger, USAF 
Courtland Hirschi, USMC 
Alva Smithson, USN
Norman Braxton, USN 
James “Clay” Kilpatrick, USMC 
Robert G. Wheeler, USAF
Thomas Carpenter, USMC
George Robert Pedrick, USN
Will Williams, USN
James Cassidy, USN 
James Seal, USAF

Robert Bettinger, USA 
Nic Herrera, USA 
John Lockhart, USN
Justin Brent, USA 
Zander Keig, USCG 
Craig Alan Morgan, USN
Wayne Elias Dietz Jr., USN
Robert John Leyh, USN 
Roger Greenseth, USA 
Judith Litzenberger, USN

Joanna (Gasca) Sansoterra, USAF 
Scott P. Lawry, USN 
Allen R. Schindler, Jr, USN
Dennis E. Howard, USN 
Edwin O. Lohr, USAF 
Jeff Underwood, USN
Arthur J. Kelleher, USN 
Sean R. Redmond, USAF 
Craig A. Wilgenbusch, USN
William E. Kelly, USAF 
Sean M. Sala, USN 
Veronica Zerrer, USA

Mitchel Eugene Cantrell, USA
Camille Emily Davidson, USAF 
Gordon K. Wahl, USAF
Diane M. “Semo” Cimochowicz, USN 
Jackie K. Jackson, USN 
Donna F. Walker, USN
Alberto Cortes, USN 
Lester Lefkowitz, USA 
Phyllis A. Daugherty, USAF 
Trent Lozano-Osier, USN

Dennis Michael Fiordaliso, USN
John Carlos Keasler, USA 
Thomas Joseph Seguine, USN
Robert Hall “Jess” Jessop, USN 
Robert A. Lehman, USMC 
Frank Stefano, USN

Jacque Atkinson, USMC 
Ben Gomez, USN 
Joseph Christopher Rocha, USN
John Banvard, USAA 
Kathleen A. Hansen, USN 
Will Rodriguez-Kennedy, USMC
Kristen Beck, USN 
April F. Heinze, USN 
Evelyn Lynn Thomas, USMC
Stewart Bornhoft, USA 
Morgan M. Hurley, USN 
Autumn Violet Sandeen, USN
Carlita “Lee” Durand, USAF 
Gerard Nadeau, USAA 
Shaun A. Flak, USMC 
Stephen Peters, USMC

Stan Berry, USN 
Lisa Kove, USN 
Luke Terpstra, USA
Benjamin M. Fowler III, USA 
Robert Lynn, USN 
George Haverstick, USN 
Harvey Milk, USN 
Donald P. Kambic, USA 
August Provost, USN

Benjamin F. Dillingham III, USMC 
Jeri Dilno, USAF 
Bridget Wilson, USN 
Jim Woodward, USN

Sean Redmond, USAF (Ret), Advisory Council Co-Chair

Veronica Zerrer, Major, USA (Ret), Advisory Council Co-Chair

James F. Cassidy, HMC, USN (Ret), Advisory Council Secretary

Morgan M. Hurley, ITC, USN/USNR (Ret)

Clay Kilpatrick, Sergeant, USMC 

Frank Stefano, CDR, USNR (Ret)

Wayne Dietz Jr., HM1, USN

Alberto R. Cortés, PN2, USN

Advisory Council Liaison

Rebekah Hook-Held, Chief Public Affairs & Civic Engagement Officer

Helen Weldeghiorgis, Community Engagement Manager

To nominate a veteran for the Wall of Honor, view the candidate criteria here. 

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