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The Center Begins Organizational Strategic Planning Process

As The Center continues to strive to serve our growing and diverse community, our Board of Directors and staff have initiated an exciting organizational strategic planning process. The goal of this process is to ensure that we maximize our organization’s resources to best continue to fulfill our mission in the years ahead. In the coming months, you’ll be hearing about the important work of The Center’s Strategic Planning Committee, which is spearheading this effort. 

As a #CenterSupporter, you’ll be invited to participate in this planning process. I hope that you will contribute to this effort in all the ways you can. Whether you have volunteered, donated, attended events or received support services at The Center, we wholeheartedly value your vision, ideas, and commitment to the work of Our Center. As this process moves forward, the committee will also seek the input of community and social justice partners. The Center’s strategic planning process has five key phases that will take place over the next year
. We look forward to hearing your feedback!

Saturday, June 22, 12th Annual Pachanga de Frida
Each year we celebrate the birthday of Frida Kahlo, commemorating the legendary life of one of the most influential Mexican painters of the mid-twentieth century. Attendees will enjoy live music, art exhibits by local Latin@ artists and vendors, a Frida look-alike contest, great food and tequila! Proceeds from this event benefit The Nicole Murray-Ramirez Latino Services @ The Center. For tickets visit donate.thecntersd.org/frida! For more information on the event or accessibility requests, contact Ricardo at latinos@thecentersd.org or 619.692.2077 x116. For sponsorship opportunities contact Megan at events@thecentersd.org or 619.692.2077 x255. 

Saturday, June 29, 8th Annual YPC Academy Graduation Brunch
For the past eight years, the YPC Academy Graduation Brunch has celebrated the accomplishments and future endeavors of the Young Professionals Council Academy. We invite you to join the 2019 Graduating class and members of the Young Professionals Council as we toast to their accomplishments. Single admission tickets are $65 and include a buffet brunch. Additional supporter and sponsorship levels are available here: donate.thecentersd.org/ypcbrunch. This event is wheelchair accessible and ASL interpretation will be provided. For more information contact ypc@thecentersd.org.

Nominations open for 2019 Community Wall of Honor
The Community Wall of Honor at The Center is one of the nation’s only LGBT community memorial displays dedicated to honoring and remembering important local LGBT community members. Established in 2004, the Wall recognizes and celebrates those San Diego LGBT community members and allies who have had a significant positive impact upon the San Diego LGBT community. A special ceremony will be held at The Center in September 2019 (date TBD) to honor this year’s inductees who will be selected through a nomination process overseen by a community advisory committee. Learn more about the Community Wall of Honor, and read about past inductees here. Nominations for induction onto the 2019 Community Wall of Honor will be open through June 30, 2019. Nomination criteria and application form can be found online at http://bit.ly/woh19

More to come!

Undetectable = Untransmittable.
“We can now say with confidence that if you are taking HIV medication as prescribed, and have had an undetectable viral load for over six months, you cannot pass on HIV with or without a condom. The risk is effectively zero.” Learn more.

PEP – (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) Another tool in the tool box against HIV
If you think you’ve been exposed, head to any emergency room or urgent care center and ask for PEP within 3 days! PEP (Post-Exposure Prophylaxis) can prevent HIV from making copies of itself and turning into infection if taken within 72 hours.

PrEP – Get Educated
“I think it’s time we face the truth about the unjust world we live in,” she said. “The truth is we have every tool we need to prevent the spread of HIV…The real reason we haven’t beaten this epidemic boils down to one simple fact: We value some lives more than others. We value men more than women. Straight love more than gay love. White skin more than black skin. The rich more than the poor. Adults more than adolescents. I know this because AIDS does not discriminate on its own.” READ MORE…
Ready for PrEP? Or have questions about getting on PrEP? Check out our list of San Diego medical professionals who provide PrEP (Pre Exposure Prophylaxis). We recommend that you call before making an appointment to confirm details such as insurance coverage. Know a provider who should be added to this list? Contact us at outreach@thecentersd.org

What is TasP?
Treatment as prevention (TasP) refers to HIV prevention methods that use antiretroviral treatment (ART) to decrease the risk of HIV transmission. Read Prizila’s story and join us to #BeTheGeneration that ends new HIV infections.

Transgender Health Services at Family Health Centers of San Diego 
Family Health Centers of San Diego (FHCSD) offers transgender health services with an informed consent model. Informed consent allows you to decide with your medical provider if hormone therapy is right for you and ease the way for your transition. Staff and providers work with you to ensure you don’t have to wait years to receive the care you need. Call 619.876.4462 to speak to our staff about informed consent or visit www.transhealthsd.org

Getting to Zero
Checkout out The County of San Diego’s “Getting to Zero” report here http://www.sdplanning.org/downloads/reports/. Together we will #BeTheGeneration that ends new HIV infections in San Diego.

Report School Bullying!
San Diego Unified School District has a new online bullying reporting system. Search “bullying” on your school’s website or visit the link at https://www.sandiegounified.org/forms/online-bullying-reporting-form.

LGBT-Affirming Senior Housing Development
Looking for more information about the new senior housing development? Watch the video at https://youtu.be/Mt22ek06q0A. For more information contact LaRue Fields at seniors@thecentersd.org or 619.692.2077 x205.

ACLU: Know Your Rights
Read More…

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