Real Stories From Real Clients

Some of the most frequent calls we’ve received over the past year are from our LGBTQ community members facing a housing crisis. The vulnerability in their voices as they ask for assistance is heartbreaking and has served to further bolster The Center’s resolve to offer solutions. The stories below illustrate a few of the ways The Center’s cutting-edge solutions are providing transformative help to our most vulnerable community members.


Provided Emergency Housing through The Center's LGBTQ Safe STAY Program

Martin had already been living with relatives because of years of abuse and neglect by his parents. When his extended family found out he was gay, it was no longer safe for him to stay in their home because of threats of violence. With no place to go, Martin slept wherever he could for over a year until he learned about The Center’s LGBTQ Safe STAY Program. This program provides overnight emergency housing to LGBTQ youth, and Martin used it regularly and worked with The Center’s Youth Services case management staff to access mental health services to cope with all the trauma he had experienced. Just last month, he moved into supportive housing at The Center’s Sunburst Youth Housing Project, and now has a safe place of his own. Your gift will help change lives like Martin’s.


Preventing Homelessness with The Center's Project Compassion

When her long-term relationship ended, Robbie fell into a depression. She didn’t have much support when her partner left, so she stopped taking her HIV meds and things got even worse. She could not keep up with her job requirements and ended up in the ospital, which only added to her stress. She knew she needed to take care of her health, but now she was nearly four months behind in rent. At risk of losing her apartment, she called The Center. She was connected with The Center’s Project Compassion case manager, who works to help prevent people from becoming homeless. Not only were we able to assist her in negotiating a way to catch up on her rent and access benefits, she is now receiving HIV care and counseling, all to continue to improve her health and well-being. Join us and help change lives like Robbie’s.


Heading back to school because of The Center's Host Home Program

Knowing his family would not accept him, Tyrell came to San Diego to find a safe LGBTQ community at age 18. He stayed with friends at first, but soon his money ran low and he couldn’t afford a place on his own. He found support at our Hillcrest Youth Center, and the staff was able to locate a safe place for him to live through The Center’s Host Home Program. After several months in a stable home, Tyrell was able to complete applications to several colleges. He was accepted to a state university in his home state. Center staff helped him relocate, connect with local LGBTQ services and he started college this fall. Join us and help change lives like Tyrell’s.


A safe and affirming home at The Center's Sunburst Youth Housing Project

Jaye moved to San Diego to find a safe place for her gender transition. After several months of receiving support from The Center’s Project TRANS, she lost her housing. She stayed with friends and at emergency shelters until she was accepted into supportive housing at The Center’s Sunburst Youth Housing Project. She lived at Sunburst for nearly three years and accessed case management support. During that time she received mental health support, went back to school and met her partner. This year, she got a job in her chosen field and moved with her partner into their own place in another state.


Finding a safe home in The Center's Supportive Housing

After losing his apartment two years ago, Jack had been utilizing The Center’s David Bohnett Cyber Center to continue his work as an independent graphic designer. Overwhelmed by a cancer diagnosis, a drinking problem and homelessness, Jack decided to stop his cancer treatment. As his health deteriorated, Center staff developed a relationship with him and he was finally able to accept assistance. Although his cancer has spread, Jack has decided to pick up the fight against his cancer, and our Project Compassion staff has helped him secure supportive housing that he will be moving into this month.


Securing senior housing at North Park Senior Housing

After her partner passed away and with no family support in the area, Lenore had a hard time managing their mortgage. She was often making hard choices between paying for food, medical bills and housing. She regularly attended Senior Services at The Center and learned about the North Park Senior Apartments. She met the income requirements, Senior Services staff helped her complete her application and she moved in at the beginning of this year.

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