Other Ways to Help

Tribute/Memorial Giving

Throughout our lives, we have experiences that we want to celebrate or honor in some meaningful way. Many of our donors choose to make charitable donations in honor of such significant occasions: weddings, anniversaries, birthdays or memorial services. When you make a tribute gift (by notifying our development department that you are making the gift), a special card will be sent to the person(s) you wish to honor or remember, indicating that you have remembered them in this special way. This card is in addition to the usual tax letter that you will also receive.

For more information or to make a tribute or memorial gift, email development@thecentersd.org.

Vehicle Donation

Donating your car or truck has never been easier. To donate a vehicle to The San Diego LGBT Community Center simply call, toll-free, Charitable Auto Resources at 877.537.5277 or arrange your donation online here. The process is quick and hassle-free and you get the tax deduction.

Volunteer at The Center

Join our dynamic corps of more than 1,200 volunteers! Visit our Volunteer Resources page and get started today!

Gifts of In-Kind services or products

In-kind gifts are gifts of goods or services. You can support The Center by providing professional services (e.g., printing, catering, floral arranging, etc.) or by donating goods we might otherwise pay for (e.g., food items for small fund raising events, silent auction items for fundraising events, small gift certificates for volunteer recognition and appreciation events, etc.) For more information on in-kind gifts and giving, please email development@thecentersd.org.

Encourage each of the organizations you participate in to get involved with The Center and the LGBT community

Encourage your church, your parish, your synagogue, or your mosque to get involved. The GLBT community needs the involvement of the faith communities! Ask your local PTA organizations to get involved in The Center’s Hillcrest Youth Center. Suggest that your athletic team or organization host a small benefit game or competition.

Encourage your employer to get involved

Even a small event sponsorship or silent auction item can make a huge difference! Many larger companies have corporate giving programs that are very responsive to employees and/or employee groups. Let your employer know you would like them to provide support to The Center!

Matching Gifts

Many companies have programs that match the charitable contributions made by their employees. Through corporate matching, employees can double the impact of their gifts! Ask your employer about their matching gift policy and procedure.

When you notice a corporation, company, organization, or business that has supported The Center, help us thank and reward them!

Just like individuals, businesses and organizations deserve to feel recognized and appreciated! Check out our donor list to see which organizations, businesses, foundations and corporations have provided vital support this year.

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