Wall of Honor

The Community Wall of Honor is one of the nation’s only LGBT community memorial displays dedicated to honoring and remembering important local LGBT community members. Located in The San Diego LGBT Community Center, The Community Wall of Honor was created in 2004 by Nicole Murray-Ramirez, The Imperial Court de San Diego and The Center. The Wall recognizes and celebrates those San Diego LGBT community members and allies who have had a significant positive impact upon the San Diego LGBT community. The Community Wall of Honor is about remembering, honoring and educating all of us about that history. It is a visible and lasting way of reminding our community of those whose efforts have brought us to where we are today.

Nominations for the 2019 Community Wall of Honor are open through June 30, 2019. The nomination form can be found here.

If you need the form in a different form, including a printed copy, please contact Rebekah Hook-Held at rhookheld@thecentersd.org or 619.692.2077 x103.

Bill Beck & David Huskey
Scott Carlson
Queen Eddie Conlon
Pat Cluchey
Scott Fulkerson
John Graham
Peggy Heathers
Christine Kehoe & Julie Warren
Susan Jester
Bob Lynn
Al Smithson

Fred Acheson
Larry Baza
Dr. Michael Clark
Phyllis Jackson
George Murphy
Frank Stiriti

Lou & Carol Arko
Dr. Al Best
Gloria Johnson
Drs. David McWhirter & Drew Mattison
Bernard (Bernie) Michels
Frederick (Fred) Scholl
Jim Woodward

Muriel Fisher
Herb King
Patrick McArron
Doug Moore
Maria Plascensia
Ron Umbaugh
Bridget Wilson

Albert Bell
Jim Cua
Jeri Dilno
Darl Edwards
Rev. David Farrell
Cynthia Lawrence-Wallace
Doug Scott

Thomas “Thom” Carey
John Ciaccio
Barbara Crusberg
John Eberly
Don Edmondson
Neil Good
Don Hauck
Tom Homann
Robert “Jess” Jessop
Clint Johnson
Corrine “Martie” Mackey
Gary Rees
Robert “Rob” Shepard
Dr. A. Brad Truax
Robert Walsh
Jerry White

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