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The San Diego LGBT Community Center is one of the largest and most vibrant LGBTQ+ community centers in the nation. It has also become the city’s leading provider of high-quality, professional trainings to assist a variety of organizations, businesses, and social services strengthen their knowledge about and skills in working with the LGBTQ+ community.

The Center provides targeted programs and services to the full diversity of the San Diego LGBTQ+ community—including men, women, youth, seniors, transgender and nonbinary individuals, families, Latino/a/x community members and their families, and those living with HIV. These programs, and the staff who manage them, are what and who have formed The Center’s Training Institute and the specific trainings offered. These trainings have been crafted from many years of serving the LGBTQ+ community, in combination with lived experience, and history. All trainings are designed to be supportive and judgment-free spaces.

We offer several types of trainings; we also customize trainings to meet the learning objectives of each group’s specific needs. Training formats can range from formal trainings, one-on-one leadership coaching, brown bag lunch discussions to LGBTQ Community Stories – all led by our knowledgeable and skilled staff members. It’s been found most effective for organizations to combine several different training formats when truly seeking company-wide skill and understanding. If your organization is interested in a mixed format training approach, please let us know and we can put together a plan and contract specifically for you. 

What to expect from The Center’s Training Institute:

  • Increased Knowledge
  • Raised Awareness & Provision of Advocacy Skills
  • Personal Reflection
  • Useful Resources and Advising

Training Length & Size: Generally, the Training Institute’s trainings last around 2-3 hours and utilize one trainer for every 25 people being trained.

If you’re interested in scheduling a training with The Center, first fill out the Training Institute Request form below. If you have any questions regarding The San Diego LGBT Community Center’s Training Institute, please email our Training Institute at

What they are saying about The Center’s Training Institute:

“I learned skills in supporting LGBTQ community, such as the importance of pronouns. Also, some changes we can make in our office to help our LGBTQ community feel safe and welcome.”

“The trainer provided space for an excellent, open group discussion on the use of pronouns and how to address topics that may arise in the workplace regarding sexual orientation and gender identity.”

“This was so helpful; the conversation needs to continue.”

“This was my favorite training of the entire conference!”


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