Planned Giving

Your Legacy Lives On In Our Future

Please consider The San Diego LGBT Community Center in your estate plan. A planned gift leaves a lasting legacy of investment in The Center and our LGBTQ community.

For 50 years, The Center has been the heart and home of the San Diego LGBTQ community and our work has grown to serve the full diversity of our community with five facilities across the county, providing over 80,000 service visits to those who need help and support, and an advocacy program that fights for all LGBTQ people. We know you share our mission to make San Diego a better place for all LGBTQ people, where our community is healthy and thriving and feels valued and supported. Your gift matters and will make a difference. Join us in honoring our past and ensuring the future is hopeful for the next generation of LGBTQ San Diegans. In partnership, together, we can secure a powerful, bright future for our community.

Please let us know if you have included The Center in your will or trust or by beneficiary designation. Knowing now about your gift helps us plan for the gift and ensure your wishes are carried out, and many large financial institutions do not pass along this information to us. Simply fill out our Gift Notification Form to let us know you’ve made The San Diego LGBT Community Center a beneficiary. We want to recognize you for your generosity. Whether you’ve included us in your legacy plans previously or are designating us for the first time, we’d love to hear about it. You are also welcome, of course, to let us know and remain anonymous.

You may also contact Ian Johnson, Senior Director of Development at or 619-692-2077 x247  to let us know or to ask questions.

Our Accountability
The San Diego LGBT Community Center has earned Charity Navigator’s highest rating of 4 stars, certifying our commitment to accountability, transparency, and responsible fiscal management. You can make your donation with confidence that your donation will be stewarded with the utmost care and respect.
Join the Stonewall Society

The Stonewall Society is a legacy group that conveys its values by providing a way for you to create a future gift to The Center, ensuring your legacy by providing support for generations to come.

Through The Stonewall Society, we seek to honor donors like you who share in our commitment to providing the best services for our LGBTQ+ community here in San Diego County while also working diligently to protect and advance our rights as they come under threat.

In helping to guarantee The Center’s future with a gift through a trust, bequest, or other planned gift, your legacy will live on in the tens of thousands of people who rely on The Center every year.

The Center gratefully acknowledges all the members of The Stonewall Society. Just as the brave LGBTQ community members in New York at Stonewall provided the foundation for the LGBTQ civil rights movement, these benefactors have made provisions to ensure that The Center can support the next LGBTQ generation, providing a safe and inspiring community center to call home, and enhancing and sustaining the health and human rights of our community.

Stonewall Society

Bruce M. Abrams III, Esq.
Blair Alexander & Dan Belair
Elenore “Lennie” Alickman
José G. Arzate
Dale Beaver
Roy Bogseth
Ron Bowman & Stan Zukowsfsky
Joanna Clark & Yvonne Body
Roger C. Cornell, M.D.
Anna Curren
Rick Dallin
James Dax
Don Disner
Walter B. Gajewski
Robert H. Gleason & Marc J. Matys
Freya Gordon & Charlotte Edwards
Bob Grinchuk
Michael Growe
David Gubser
Howard F. Guidry
Noel Hedrick & Jim Murphy
Renee Herrera
Jay Jackson
Michael Jasaitis
Victor Kazakevich & Randall McNames

William Kelly & Robert Taylor
Drew Kroft
John Lockhart
Dr. Lester Machado
Monte Marshall
Craig A. Milgrim
Barbara F. Morton
Dr. Robert Newbury
Dr. Russell S. Okihara
Philip Parks & James Perez
Jerry Peterson
Jerry Phalen
Brian Polejes
Shekerah Price
David A. Reicks
Sue M. Reynolds
Robert Rhoades & Joshua Stevens
Allison Rossett
G. Joyce Rowland
Maureen Steiner
Charles “Fred” Stewart & Robert Isaacson
Kevin A. Tilden & Dr. Philip Diamond
Jon Windhauser & Duncan Ulrich
Robert H. Wylie, III
James Ziegler
Anonymous (2)

In Memoriam

Arleene Arnell
Adrian Auchstetter
John M. Auzin
Robert L. Battenberg
Gene Burkard
Leslie J. Cohen
Dr. Joseph Colombo
Charles H. Cotton
John W. Davis
Alice Dyer
Bernard Fladhammer & Leonard Brown
Dr. Lois G. Gail
Frederick I. Hammond
Charles Hirst
LeRoy Holloway
Brian Kantor
Michael R. Kennedy
Daniel P. Karr
Ivor Kraft
Dr. Richard A. Laidley

John L. Lenz
Joe Letzkus
James MacLeod
Mel Merrill
Roger A. Moser
George Murphy
Robert Nelson
Dr. Reuel Olin
Donald Patterson
M. Rust Rawnsley & Maurice Thimot
Judith E. Reif
Arthur Rossiter
Arno Safier
Norman Self
Dr. Robert Smith
Sidney Stern
Larry J. Thomas
Josefino P. Toledo
Jeffrey White
Dr. Stanley Willis
Jay Wipolt

What Does Your Legacy Gift Do?

You have helped to ensure the sustainability of our work.

Our LGBTQ community is facing serious threats to the decades-long work that it took to create safety nets for our community. Even though we were successful at moving the hearts and minds of people so that the majority of our country supports our freedoms, this may not be enough to ensure that local, state, and federal bodies also continue to protect us. A legacy gift ensures that our organization will be around years from now to fulfill the needs of our community while also protecting our rights.

Your gift will help to provide for the Next Generation

Legacy gifts ensure the well-being of future generations. In our community, as we see so many youth abandoned or ostracized by their parents and guardians and communities, we have seen the power of stepping up to be there for our youth with programs like the Hillcrest Youth Center, South Bay Youth Center, and the Sunburst Youth Housing Project. Your gift gives us the freedom to best meet the needs of these youth. It also means we can focus on supporting youth who may be doing well but also want to learn what it means to be in community.

Your gift helps to define and preserve LGBTQ culture and history, our shared heritage

So often, we hear about the ‘gay lifestyle’ as if we do not have a rich cultural heritage, worthy of preservation and passing down to future generations. Having physical spaces, places to gather in community, spaces we can call our own, help to anchor our culture.

Securing your personal legacy

Your gift becomes part of the LGBTQ movement’s present and future. Giving on the local level means you will have a direct impact on San Diego’s deep history of LGBTQ community-building while also helping to shore up the united efforts of community centers across the country, to help protect each and every LGBTQ individual.

Your gift will help ensure LGBTQ San Diegans continue getting what they need

As an existing Center Supporter, you may know the value your contributions make on the lives of so many LGBTQ San Diegans. Over 80,000 direct service visits annually providing life-changing and often life-saving services to our region. Your legacy gift as a Stonewall Society member not only continues providing these critical services, but it will also help The Center respond to even more in the future.

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