The Center’s Open House

The Center hosts an Open House in May to welcome the community back to The Center once COVID vaccines and boosters are available to the public. The Open House brings over 400 community members to learn about The Center’s programs and services.

New STI Screening Services

The Center announces new STI screening services to complement our BeTheGeneration Sexual Health and Wellness program. The Center now offers chlamydia, gonorrhea, and syphilis screenings as well as HIV and Hepatitis C testing.

Updates to The Center’s main facility

During The Center’s closure due to the pandemic, the main facility at 3909 Centre Street received upgrades including new floors, new lighting, a new welcome desk and lobby area, renovated restrooms, a new Sexual Health & Wellness Lounge, new community meeting rooms, and improvements to the sound system in the..Read More

Updates to Sunburst Youth Housing Project

The Sunburst Youth Housing Project, that also houses Safe S.T.A.Y. an overnight emergency housing program for LGBTQ youth, received much needed renovations including new windows, cool-flat roof system, exterior patching and paint.

Black Services at The Center

Black Services at The Center is established to provide dynamic programming and direct services for San Diego’s Black LGBTQ community.  

New Website

The Center launches a new website that is user-friendly, easy to navigate, and more intentionally showcases specific programs targeted to our LGBTQ community.

Youth Queer Leadership Council

The Center’s Youth Services staff created and launched The Youth Queer Leadership Council, a three-year leadership development program for youth comprised of three youth cohorts based on age: 12-13, 14-18, and 19-24. The program centers youth of color.

The Center’s Training Institute

The Center launches the Training Institute providing high-quality, professional trainings to assist organizations to strengthen their knowledge and skills in working with the LGBTQ community, as well as how to best serve and respect LGBTQ people.

Policy Update

The Board of Directors voted unanimously that The Center will no longer allow armed uniformed law enforcement officers at Center facilities or at Center events, unless as a last resort or in response to a true emergency. The Center works with the Coalition for Police Accountability and Transparency (CPAT) in..Read More

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