Engage San Diego

A new vision of collaboration has come to fruition in the San Diego region! Beginning in 2010, local area leaders in civil rights, social justice, health and environmental organizations have worked together to bring to life a nonprofit network focused on nonpartisan civic engagement.

We called this new network Engage San Diego. Drawing on examples of similar nonpartisan “tables” in other states, we pooled our collective energy and began focusing our expertise on efficient ways to connect diverse constituencies and elevate voter participation in San Diego.

A San Diego where our electorate and leadership are reflective of the people who live and work here.

Engage San Diego is a network that builds power to win social and economic justice through integrated voter engagement and organizing.

Mission-Critical Activities:
*  Building a Culture of Voting
*  Integration of Voter Engagement and Organizing
*  Policy Advocacy
*  Community Leadership Development
*  Strategic Research and Experiments
*  Coordinated Communication

Table Director:
For more information, please contact Alan Kaplan at 917.776.2388 or alan@engagesandiego.org.


Table Partners

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